I find it absolutely amazing how many pasta sauce brands out there don’t even make their own product. I guess I’m somewhat old school but when I’m buying something in the grocery store I still want to feel somewhat connected to the company or person making that product. There is something very impersonal for me […]


Posted October 18th, 2010 by Adriano

Sugar is the greatest disguise that exists in the food  industry.  Sugar will make anything taste good….I mean anything!   I’m always on the lookout for pasta sauces that don’t contain sugar, glucose fructose, corn syrup, cornstarch etc…the list goes on.  Sugar is so rampantly added to pasta sauce brands because the tomatoes that are utilized are […]

Question 1) How can it be a brand if it has no name? Question 2) What is your general take on these products ie; quality vs. value? Question 3) Do you think that the no name brand has helped out the consumer? Say tuned for my thoughts below wont be pretty.!

I have to admit then when I started manufacturing our own line of sauces I didn’t know how difficult it would really be.  Expanding and getting more retailers to carry your product may seem as simple as knocking on a door, but many times there are factors that are outside of making a great product […]

Are you a “Foodie” or not ?

Posted September 24th, 2010 by Adriano

I really believe that just as much beauty and joy can be found in devouring a well executed cheese burger in comparison to an adorned piece of foie gras. Even though I completely enjoy both, I would argue that it takes the same amount of culinary finesse and skill in both cases to create a memorable dish. I find […]

“Local vs. Global”

Posted September 24th, 2010 by Adriano

  Lately I been confronted with the dilemma of ‘local vs. global’ food products and find that there are many contradictions out there with regards to what the term ‘local’ really means. I have found there is still no definitive explanation. People constantly ask me what is my position on this topic. I think we all want to […]

My First Blog Post.

Posted September 23rd, 2010 by Adriano

Hello everyone, because this is my very first blog I would like to start out by thanking you for taking the time to visit our site..its been long overdue but its finally here!  If you’ve come this far then more that likely you are interested in great quality food. This has always been a passion […]